Is the Desire for Perfection Sabotaging Your Results?

Hi all you Mind-Body Fitness mamas! Raise your hand if you struggle with perfection. If we were all in the same room and we could look around, I guarantee you LOTS of hands (including mine) would be up.  If you couldn’t guess based on that introduction, today we’re talking about perfection.  Do any of these[…]

Is People Pleasing Keeping You From Meeting Your Goals?

Hey there! When is the last time you said “no” to someone else and “YES” to yourself!? Whether you’re a self-admitted people pleaser or not, we all have people-pleasing tendencies we tend to do when it comes to our friends and families. Why is it so hard to say “yes” to ourselves every once in[…]

3 Things you MUST do so That you can be Successful on Your Health and Fitness Journey

Hey, mamas! Raise your hand if you’ve ever started on a health and fitness journey! Now, keep your hands up if you’ve started one, stopped, and then started again. I bet there are still some hands raised! In case you don’t know me, my name is Rachel and I founded Mind Body Fitness for moms[…]

3 Tips to Help You Get Back into Working Towards Those Health and Fitness Goals Without Skipping a Beat!

Hey there! Today, I want to tackle a subject that affected me personally recently over the holiday weekend. I want to share some tips you can do when you feel like you overdid it when it comes to what you ate or maybe when you didn’t work out like you had planned to. This can[…]