A scheduling system to help you manage procrastination (so you can make time for yourself)!

Have you ever noticed how weirdly productive procrastination is? You really don’t want to do this one thing (workout) so you opt for ten others (Netflix, Facebook, cookies, etc) while you avoid and try to work up the energy required to do what should be done in the first place. The problem is, the tasks[…]

Are you still struggling with finding the time for a workout?

    You know that 30 minutes at home is plenty of time to get a kick a$$ workout but…you are still struggling to find the time to do it..right? . I hear ya! When I was just starting out on my journey I had a general plan to “just do it every day” with[…]

Are you trying to do too much when it comes to exercise?

Last week I blogged about changing your thoughts about time…how are you doing with those thoughts?   Have you been telling yourself that you have time to workout?   Awesome – you have taken a HUGE step in starting your health and fitness journey – give yourself a pat on the back and get ready[…]

How a change in thought about time will change your results!!

It was not long ago that I myself had zero time to workout and eat healthy. I was too overwhelmed with my kids, my job, and keeping my house clean to even give my fitness a second thought.   Every time I started a new workout or meal plan, I would just get too busy,[…]