Let go of your battle with food so that you can lose weight for good!

  To the Mama who drinks a Diet Coke for breakfast, skips lunch, and snacks her way through dinner.   To the Mama who eats her kids’ cold mac ‘n cheese and chicken nuggets instead of making something for herself.   To that Mama who deprives herself all week only to binge on nachos, wings,[…]

Give up the “TIME” excuse when it comes to your health and fitness!

I hear this from moms all of the time.  I just don’t have time to workout,  I don’t have time to cook healthy food.  I don’t have time for myself.  I just don’t have enough time. To be honest, I believe that is all crap.  Excuses.  Lies.  #toughlove I can say this because I myself[…]

BUST through the obstacles that are interfering with your health and fitness goals!

  We all run into things that knock us off track.  Cheat foods at a school event, forgotten work meetings, sick kids, all the things everyday.   Even the mom that you see on social media that seems to have it ALL together ALL of the time runs into obstacles.  The only difference between you[…]

Self-care is also care for your family (how you can make it happen everyday)!

I want to let you in on a little secret…time for yourself does NOT mean that you aren’t choosing your family. Time and time again I hear this sentiment from moms who feel guilty for choosing themselves at times because they feel as if it means they’re not choosing their families.  FALSE!! I will be[…]