5 Steps to doing everything …even the stuff you hate!


Do you find yourself with a list of things you just don’t want to do?  Are you resisting these things and putting them on the back burner or doing them last and never really getting to them?


Here are the 5 Steps I use to get those things done! I also want to let you in on a secret! It usually isn’t as bad as I think it’s going to be! 


  • Look at what it is that you need to get done and don’t want to do.  Can you outsource it or does it have to be done by you?
  • Sit down, take a deep breath and set an intention! This is a big thing…I’m currently creating a Biz Bestie Mentorship that needed a landing page and didn’t want to do it. By doing this I was able to focus on it.
  • Tell yourself “ I’m going to spend 5 minutes on this!” And do it! If after 5 minutes you still don’t want to do it, move on and come back later.
  • Find something that makes it fun!  Put on your favorite music, podcast, whatever can make it fun for you to do! You may find that you do more than 5 minutes and get it done completely. 


See how it goes. You may find you do more than you planned and even enjoyed it some!


I find that following this process helps with getting things done and moving forward in my business.


Check out the whole video below.



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