Are You a Procrastinator?

This one is for all you procrastinators out there!

First off, don’t be ashamed. We’ve all been there. Some of you might find yourself STILL there. You know the drill – putting things off day after day, promising yourself it’ll happen “tomorrow.”

If this sounds like you, keep on reading! 

I want to talk to you about procrastination because I know this is something that most of my clients suffer from. I have been there, I have procrastinated on things, but overall I am not a procrastinator because I hate having things on my to-do list. 

I’m not saying I do it perfectly, but it’s been a challenge and a time of learning as I’ve figured out some ways to quit being a procrastinator and start being a “now” kind of person!

If you don’t know me, I’m Rachael! I’m the mom of six and I run Moms on the Rise because I want to help moms grow their businesses and dump that nine to five. I want to help you have more time, more money, and just be happier. 

Why does procrastination matter?

When it comes to procrastination, it’s hurting your business AND your personal life. It usually happens because things seem too hard, we don’t feel like dealing with them immediately, or maybe we’ve got some fear behind it. 

For example, maybe there’s an email sitting in your inbox that’s been there for too long. It pops up in your email feed and you’ll see it there and you think, “Oh my gosh, I need to deal with that, but I’m going to do it later.” But you don’t. Instead, you keep telling yourself you’ll do it only to never actually do it. You actually end up wasting more time NOT doing it than you would have if you just did it! 

This can be true for anything in your business. Maybe it’s that landing page you keep meaning to write, that blog post you’ve yet to finish, or that social media post you don’t feel like taking a photo for. Or maybe it’s at home and it’s that filthy cabinet you keep putting off cleaning, that summer wardrobe for your kids you don’t feel like sorting, whatever it is. 

The thing is, putting stuff off actually hurts you and your business. 

The stress wears on your brain. It takes away your energy. It takes away valuable brain power that you could be used for something different. It kills your productivity and takes away your happiness!

Another thing that can happen when we procrastinate is that we can miss a due date, incur a late fee, or have to do something extra. So I really want you to think about what that procrastination is costing you in terms of stress, loss of brain power, energy, money, time, all of those things!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had my fair share of things I procrastinate on. In the live video I did, I shared about how I’ve been meaning to cancel a license I have to practice law in another state. Because the paperwork wasn’t on my computer, even though that would have only taken a few minutes, I’ve put it off and put it off. But I promised my live viewers I would do it and I did! And boy, does it feel good.

SO…are you ready to stop procrastinating? I’m breaking it down into four steps that you can follow to get rid of procrastination and catapult yourself into awesomeness. 

Step One: Turn off the thoughts.

If you think that you’re a procrastinator and you’re doomed to that fate, you’re just perpetuating the actions that you’re taking. And then we end up with a bigger problem.

The thought gets bigger. Your actions show it. It becomes an endless cycle and it turns into believing that you’re a procrastinator.

Let’s challenge that belief! Sit down and write some things ways that you’re not a procrastinator. What do you get done right away? When your kids come to you and say they’re hungry, do you make them a meal right away? When you decide you’re getting in the shower, do you get in right away? When you’ve got a friend texting you, do you answer back right away?

Think about these things that show that you’re not always a procrastinator. Then I want you to build on that belief every day! Keep changing that thought more and more and more. 

So instead of saying, “I’m a total procrastinator,” turn those thoughts into, “I get things done right away. I’m a person that hates things on my to-do list.” 

Change that belief today and you are going to jump on the bandwagon and get things done much quicker! 

Step Two: Schedule It.

Once you change your thoughts about it, I want you to schedule it. Put the things that you need to do on your schedule or your to-do list. Make it an appointment like you would make with your CEO if you’re at a company – because you are your CEO! 

This way, it’s non-negotiable. As soon as you put it in your calendar, you can’t delete it. When you schedule it, get it done. Make the time to get it done, make it a priority, and you’re going to be able to get it done better than if you just keep putting it on the to-do list and throwing it into the next day. 

Step Three: Feel how amazing it feels.

Take in how amazing it’s going to feel to have that thing done! Whether it’s a blog post, a sales page, whatever it is, I want you to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and think about how wonderful it’s going to feel to actually have that thing done. 

You’ll say goodbye to the stress, the lost money, and say hello to your TIME and peace of mind! 

You go, mama.

Step Four: Reward yourself!

Now by this, I don’t mean settling into a two-day Netflix binge or a monster sundae from dairy queen, but reward yourself! My favorite ways are to take a walk or eat a little piece of chocolate. 

Decide what that reward is going to be before you do it so that you work up to it and you get it done. Because you deserve to be rewarded when you do something right away! 

The thing is, these steps can’t just be a one-time thing. I want you to keep repeating these steps over and over and over again until the thought becomes, “I do things quickly. I do things right away. I feel amazing when I get those things done that are on my to do list.” 

Change those thoughts and schedule with yourself. Think about how amazing it’s going to feel when you get it done and then reward yourself for a job well done! Do this and you’re going to find that procrastination is simply a thing of the past.

Become that woman that does things right away and that doesn’t put things off. Whether it’s for your business or for your personal life! You are going to change yourself from a procrastinator to somebody that gets things done quickly, and you’re going to see how it’s going to change your business, life with your family, your mood, your stress level, all of those things are going to be changed once you get rid of procrastination. 

If you know someone who struggles with procrastination, pass this onto them! That’s why I love this community I’m building so much. Because we’ve got each other’s backs every step of the way.

Now go destroy that cycle of procrastination! Not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY!

You got this, mamas!

P.S. If you need extra support on this, I’m just one message away!


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