Are you struggling with attracting your Soulmate Client?

You are not alone!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You create a TON of content but no one seems to read it.
  • You follow all of the rules about "creating a call to action" but no one seems to "act".
  • You have done a million ICA exercises and never seem to narrow it down to one that feels right.
  • Your work REALLY hard and never get the results you want.
  • You want to give up because it feels like you are NEVER going to figure out the "secret sauce" to attracting your Soulmate Client.
  • You are pretty sure your Soulmate Client does not actually exist.


Then you are in the RIGHT PLACE! 

This audio and these journal prompts will give you the guidance that you need to FINALLY attract your Soulmate Client!

As a Mom who spent years chasing after her ideal client, I can totally relate. I just kept pumping out content hoping that something would stick. That someone would connect with it and it would go viral. But that NEVER happened.

Then I started trying the tips that I share in this audio along with the journal prompts that I am sharing with you and it all started to happen. People started reading my stuff, watching my LIVE videos, and joining my groups.

The results were so amazing that I just had to share them with other moms who share my struggle so that they could FINALLY attract their Soulmate Clients too!

What will you get?

  • Quick audio that will share with you my process for Attracting your Soulmate Client with Ease.
  • 10 Journal Prompts to help you dive deeper into the mind of your Soulmate Client so that you can attract her even faster.
  • FREE Facebook Support in the Moms on the Rise Facebook Group.

Are you ready to FINALLY attract that Soulmate Client with EASE?