Goodbye discouraged, broke, overworked Mom, and hello time-organized Mom with a money-making business!

  When you started your business you had a picture in your mind of what it would look like, but real life is not quite what you imagined. 

You know your business could be better, more efficient and less chaotic. That you really need more clients and less time wasted on calls that don’t convert.  

But life feels overwhelming with all of the different hats you already wear everyday. Wife, mom, employee, business owner, friend, sibling, daughter. It feels like a never ending “to do” list that you can’t keep up with.  

How can you run a thriving business and still have time at the end of the day?  

When you found out you were going to become a mom your first instinct was to find out as much as you could about your new baby. You read books, talked to other moms and probably even took a few classes.  

That same instinct needs to carry over to your business. Find the experts who have done this before. Read books that tell you what to do, take courses that show you how to create systems.  

All of the highly successful entrepreneurs who have made it big started at the same place you are now. With a dream of a thriving business.  

However, just because that did it and her system works doesn’t mean it’s the right system for your business.  

Here’s why  

Most business advice caters to business owners with endless amounts of free time.  

While a lot of business productivity advice is super helpful and works it usually isn’t actionable for a busy mom. Mom’s just don’t have the same time that high power business people have.  

Realistically you have to pursue your passions in the middle of doing ALL THE THINGS. From managing work and home responsibilities to remembering to include self-care and friendships in your week.  

With all of life to do first by the end of the day you are so exhausted and emotionally fatigued, it’s a fight to open up the laptop and work on your business.  

The struggle is real.  

What you really need are business strategies that are mom tested and realistic to daily life

Hi I’m Rachael! 

I teach busy mom entrepreneurs how to create systems that allow you to work less, yet earn more money.

I love creating systems, I always have. As a busy mom of 6 who runs her own business I had to embrace systems to be successful. 

Now I am taking all of my experience from creating my own systems and teaching you how to use them in your business.  

This isn’t like other coaching programs, instead I’ll meet with you to determine what YOU need first. Your business and life is unique and in order to get you the quickest results we will create a strategy that addresses your biggest need first

Whether that is time management, organizing your money system to turn a profit, business strategy OR mindset work we start where you are now and build from there.  

This coaching program is for you if:  

  • You have started your business but haven't had as much success as you want.  

  • You are a busy mom who doesn’t have the time to work with fluffy programs that don’t get to the point. 

  • You want to finally quit your day job to focus on your business full time, you just need to be sure you will make money first.  

Here Are 2 Ways I Can Help Your Business Thrive!

Time and Financial Freedom Coaching: A 3 Month Coaching Program

In this coaching program we will start by looking at your life overall. We will work together to rea more time in yor day so that you can make money with ease. I will teach you money management and time management systems that will cut your workload in half and ensure that you are making a profit. 

Here's what’s included in the 3 Month Program: 

  • Twelve 45 min 1:1 phone calls where we will talk about the past week and introduce the new work for the coming week 
  • Support via slack in between calls to answer any questions you have  

Systems & Skills you will learn: 

Time Management Skills Learn how to use your time in the most efficient way possible. Every hour you have is precious and the more wisely you use your work hours, the more money you make and yet the more time you have to spend with your kids. We will talk about everything from how to write a months worth of content in 2 days (not 2 weeks) to how to automate some of your routine tasks.  

A Money Management System that will teach you how to quickly create a profit and have take home money from the work you are doing. We will also look over your budget to make sure you aren't over spending on unnecessary business expenses.  

Mindset Shifting Strategies As we are working through creating your business systems we’ll continually work on your mindset to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and unsure and instead confident in your business.

Time and Financial Freedom Quickie: 1:1 strategy session

This is for the Mama who is ready to take her business full time yet she just needs s jumpstart. If all you want is someone to tell you exactly what to do to create time and money in your business to get quick sucess this is the coaching session you need. We will hop on a 2 hour call and go over a strategy that works WITH your life and FOR your business.

Here's what’s included in the session: 

  • A 2 hour strategy call where we will lay the framework for a time and money management strategy specific to YOUR needs.
  • Supported via slack for one month following the strategy call to answer any questions you have  

If you are ready to: 

- Make the most out he hours you actually have to build your business -  

- Accomplish goals that will make you money -  

- Shift from feeling overwhelmed in your business to more in control -  

- Learn strategies for your business that work for real moms -  

- Maintain a family while also running a thriving business -  

- Focus your energy on things that matter most and let go of overwhelm -  

- Set achievable business and income goals that you will hit with ease -  

- Feel like a good mom even while working -  

- Spend less time that you imagined working on your business while making more than before -

Then let’s connect and create a business that works for you!

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