Episode 10 Decision Drama


Hey mamas, here’s yet another awaited episode of the fulfilled mama podcast – Decision Drama. I have noticed that many of my clients are often being exhausted by all stuffs going on inside their head, about the decisions they are trying to make on a day to day basis. Thereby we are creating some drama called Decision Drama. In many life situations, we complicate things. It might be a case of most simple decision of yes or no, but we’ll make it a whole long out decision drama. I’m gonna help you with 4 tips to rule out decision drama.

Here are 4 the simple steps for ruling out decision drama:

  • Get yourself in the right mindset and find out what your ultimate goal is.
  • Set boundaries/Make decisions ahead of time
  • Stick to the boundaries
  • Just make the decision

I know, at first it’ll be hard for you mamas to set the boundaries. But once you are on the track, you’re gonna save yourself so much time and so much drama. Don’t waste your quality time on a decision drama which takes so much of your brain energy. Once you follow the above steps and make that decision, you’ll see how amazing you feel. Journal about how awesome it is, so that when the next time you are faced with a decision drama type situation, you better taking a look at them. I hope this was really helpful for you mamas.


Here’s where you’ll find some of the highlights: 

  • [00:20] I have found that for myself and for many of my clients often times over one that we feel is not due to all the stuff going on around us but it’s the stuff going on inside our head…
  • [03:31] the 1st tip I have for you when you’re facing any and all decisions is to get yourself in the right mindset
  • [04:34] 2nd step is to set boundaries and I also call the step decide ahead of time so decide what you would do in a particular situation ahead of time
  • [06:48] Step 3 is stick to the boundaries now I know that doesn’t really sound like a step it sounds like it’s kind of part a step too
  • [07:41] Step 4 Just make the decision just decide
  • [08:20] I’m not wasting my mind on a decision drama which is taking so much of my brain energy it’s causing anxiety is causing overwhelm it’s taking away from the things that I can do to grow my business is taking with the things that I can do to spend time with my family
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