Episode 15 Life is a Mess…So What?


Hello and welcome to Episode 15 The Fulfilled Mama Podcast. My name is Rachael and I am a mom of six. I am a time freedom coach for online business moms. I help them create more time so that they can scale their business while still having plenty of time for their families. I am a mom who started a coaching business five years ago, and when I first started it, guys, I was on my phone all the time. I was constantly working on my business and I thought that’s what I needed to do to create the income I wanted. But the fact is, is that that was not sustainable and I was burnt out. My children were irritated with me. My husband was angry with me. And I realized that it is possible to grow a business without spending that much time on it. The less time you focus on the business, the better off you are going to be. So this podcast is here to help you create more time and give you tips and tricks that are gonna help you scale your business while also keeping time for your family. Today, I want to talk to you about the topic that life is a mess and so what? A lot of times us moms get caught up in the perfection of life. We see moms around us all over the place. They’ve got a perfect life, the perfect husband. Their house is clean. Their car is clean. Their kids always have their lunch. They never forget their snow boots. And they’ve got a perfect, thriving business. But the fact is, moms, is that that is not the case for anybody that I know. And those moms that you think have it all together probably have got some sort of mess in their closet.

So creating that time management mindset involves the things I’ve talked about in this podcast and a whole other slew of other things that you can learn about in the Fulfilled Mama Facebook group or you can also reach out to me on my website. Also, if you are looking for someone to help, let’s set up a chat about what it would look like for us to work together. Not only do we create that mindset, but we also work on creating systems to make your whole life run smoother.




Here are some of the highlights: 

[01:15] Remember Monica Geller from Friends and she was like a neat freak, obsessive-compulsive about everything. But she had that one closet that was a disaster. We all have that closet.

[2:29] My daughter forgot her coat…… So we would just drive to her gymnastics and back home and she didn’t need the coat. And I’d even really she’d missed her coat. Right.

[3:40] No matter what type of system I create and share with you, I can’t get rid of it completely because I still live in overwhelm. In fact, I shared on last week’s podcast episode about the overwhelm I felt this morning.

[4:00] Because I want you to realize that some days things are gonna suck. They’re gonna be messy. You might forget things all day long. And it’s O K. OK, so I’d like to help you reduce the forgetfulness.

[4:40] So pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If you were able to get to today and you got up this morning and you got your kids out the door and you were able to take a deep breath.

[4:50] That’s a really good place to be. I’m for an accomplishment. There’s my word that’s an accomplishment in and of itself. And now this week, I’m kind of on top of things.

[5:51] And honestly, no matter how crazy your schedule is and how many things you forget. If you have that mindset of, well, life’s a mess, so what? You aren’t going to feel all that overwhelming stress in your day is going to go much better.

[6:00] So let’s say, for example, you drop your kids off at school and you get home and you see your kids lunch on the counter. You can take this to one of two ways.

[6:46] So changing the way that you think about those little mishaps and times when life is a mess is okay. One of the things we have going on this week with my girls is where we’ve got their gymnastics meet coming up.

[7:51] So today’s episode was not necessarily a tip on how to make things work better and to have a better schedule and never forget anything. It was about how to change your mindset when you do.

[8:54] And if you’re interested in learning more about the time management mindset and how you can have and a mindset that’s going to help you move through your day with ease, with your time, create more time.



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