Episode 16 Why you should listen to your Intuition



Hello and welcome to this episode of the Fulfilled Mama podcast. I’m so pumped that you are hopping on today to join me for another fun time management tip. My name is Rachael, and if you have not jumped on with me before, I will tell you a bit about me. I am a mom of six and I am a time freedom coach for moms. I hope mom scale their businesses without taking time away from their family. Because I love time management. I love creating systems. I love helping moms figure out cool ways of doing things that save them time.

Because our goal as moms, the reason we became moms is to spend time with our kids. So why would we want to waste time doing anything in our business that isn’t going to help us create income, that isn’t going to help us bring more joy. And it isn’t going to help our family. So today, I want to talk to you about listening to your gut. There are so, so, so many things that you can learn about business on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, all the things. And there are a million people telling you that this is the right way of doing it. And you may if you’ve been around the space for a while, been looking around and thinking there are so many, quote, right ways of doing this, how do I know what is the best route for me? When I first started my business five years ago, I was in network marketing and it was highly stressed to us that we should be posting on Facebook three to five times a day. We should be sharing things about our workout and our sheikh and that we should be reaching out to potential clients constantly. I guess elaborate system setup of keeping track of who I was talking to and who I needed to follow up with and who is going to sign up when. And it was all very, very stressful.





Here are some of the highlights: 

[00:01:41] I found myself on my phone constantly messaging people. I was stressed about the amount of time I was spending on it, that I wasn’t with my family, but it felt with my family. I was stressed about the time that I wasn’t spending on my business because I was led to believe that this was the only way to do it. Over time, I listened to other people that told me the other right ways of doing it, and I developed my own right way of doing it. And so what I want you to do is I want you to think about what your gut is telling you as you read all of these tips and ideas and things that come from other people, including the ones that you hear from me. Because the truth is, is that there is no one size fits all for time management, for creating systems, for your mindset. There’s a one size fits all for any of the strategies that you use your business. As you all know, there is no one size fits all strategy for raising your children, for keeping your house clean, for how often you should maintain your car. That’s a thought that’s coming to my head right now because I do do tires. And so I’ve been thinking about when I’m going to get that done and what I should have gotten it done.


[00:02:40] There is no one single strategy for anyone. So what I want you to take from this podcast today above anything else is I want you to listen to your gut. And oftentimes when we start our business, we are kind of led to believe that our gut doesn’t really know what it’s doing and that we shouldn’t listen to it, that we should be listening to the experts and those that know the strategy better than we do. And again, there’s a lot to be taken from those strategists. They have been there before you. They’ve done it. They’ve got tried and true methods. But what I invite you to do is listen to many of them and take what you want and leave the rest. My coach tells me that all the time when she’s talking to me about something, she says, Rachel, you know, I want you to take what you want, leave the rest. Because this may not all fit you. It may not all appeal to you. You might find that maybe it’s not at all what you believe or want to believe or what you want to take into your business. So trusting your gut is so important. And some of that comes from listening to yourself. If you’re thinking about making a decision or trying decide what project to work on next. It just doesn’t feel right or it’s not lessening your anxiety.


[00:03:42] Then you need to re. I do a lot of journaling. I write down about the different ideas and things I have. And, you know, you just get that feeling when something feels right. So, for example, recently I was looking at whether or not I wanted to work with a particular coach or not. And I spent a lot of time listening to my gut and my feelings and what I thought about it. And I journaled about it. And I just asked myself, does this feel good? Is this somebody that I want to continue to work with? Do I have any feelings against working with this person? And so when you’re really thinking about your feelings, if there’s anything at all that you don’t feel good about or that doesn’t quite feel right, then you maybe want to not make the decision to work with that person or use that strategy right now because it’s not right for you. And when something doesn’t feel right, you’re not going to put your whole heart and soul into it. You’re going to always have that regret feeling. And it’s not going to end up the way that you plant where. On the other hand, if you feel 100 percent all in with what that person wants to do with your business or the vibe that you haven’t, you’re with them or the strategy ideas that they have, you’re all and you’re going to dive in with both feet and you’re going to put all the effort in all the things into that strategy and that mindset, working all the time management things.


[00:04:47] And it’s going to help propel your business rather than feel like it’s dragging you down. Another area where I really like to follow my gut is when I’m looking at my to do list every day. So I get, you know, the list out and like I. I tell you all the time I on Sundays, I look at my week and I rearrange things and prioritize them and then I do the same thing every day with this that you for that particular day. Now some of the things times I’ll look at those projects and think, gosh, you know, I know I had this one scheduled for tomorrow, but it would feel really good if I got it done today. So I move it. So, for example, recording this podcast is something that isn’t difficult time wise. I’ve got six kids. I’m not home very much. I’m tired in the evenings when I actually do have some alone time. Now, my kids are old enough that I can kind of say, Hey, guys, I need you to take care of yourselves for about 20 minutes. Why I report this podcast. But I like to do it when I’ve got my time and it’s something that I will admit kind of weighs on my shoulders when I know I need to record a podcast.


[00:05:42] I know I need to do it. And it keeps me from being able to focus on some other things when I’m like, gosh, I need to get that podcast on. So what I did today is my husband took the kids to the pool. We’ve been snowed in for two and a half days. The roads finally open up and he’s taking them to the swimming pool. And I thought, I’m going to do my podcast now rather than when I had it scheduled in on Tuesday. That feels amazing. And I’m going to be able to cross that off my list. I’m going to be able to get it to my V.A. to get it to get the show notes done. And I’m in a feel light about it. I’m going to feel good about it. I’m going to jump into some other activities because I’m not trying to figure out when I’m going to get this done. So that gut feeling. Yes. It’s all about priorities. Yes, it’s about what’s important. But sometimes that comes down to what’s going to make you feel the best to get the job done. I look around my house and all the different things like right now, our living room was a mess.


[00:06:32] Like I said, we’ve been stuck in our house for two and a half days with two adults and six kids. And there is stuff everywhere. The kids have been painting, they’ve been making forts. We’ve been eating popcorn. It is a mess. And I look around and I think, where can I get the biggest bang for my my buck? What am I going to feel most excited about having done? And it’s picking up that living room. So I take all the stuff that’s in the living room all over the floor and I put it in a pile. Tell the kids to pick it up and then we vacuum. And I feel good. Again, it’s that gut feeling. Or the bathrooms messy. Do they need cleaning up? Absolutely. But it’s not going to make me feel quite as good to clean that bathroom, is it? Is to get that living room clean so that the space that I’m sitting in can be cleaned and I can feel wonderful about it. Right. So listen to your gut when it comes to working with a coach, when it comes to cleaning your house, when it comes to creating your systems. If you’re working on a system, you’re like, this doesn’t feel good, the steel feels hard. Then try another way. So what are you going to follow your gut about this week? I would love to know.


[00:07:35] So head over to the Fulfilled Mama Facebook group if you’re not yet a member. You can join us. It is free to search for fulfilled mama on Facebook. And you are going to find us. And we’re going to continue this conversation talking about what our gut is telling us to do. I’m going to be hosting an amazing challenge in February. The group and I are still deciding what that topic is going to be about. You can find out about that and the group. You can also sign up for my free time creation tool kit when you join the group. So dive into the group, head on over there and you can also leave a review on i-Tunes with this podcast and let others know what you think about the information that we’re sharing. And yeah, I think that’s about all I have to say about the review and the join the Facebook group. You can find me on Instagram. I’m Rachel and Jencks there as well. But I love to help moms figure out ways to find more time, scale their business, spend more time with their families and have other things so that they can feel fulfilled. So I hope you enjoyed this episode. Share it with your best bestie and I look forward to chatting with you on the next episode.


[00:08:35] Bye bye.



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