Episode 17 Consistency Is Key



Hello and welcome to Episode 17 of the Fulfilled Mama Podcast. I am so excited to have you join me today. If you’ve not hopped on before. My name is Rachel and I’m the mom of six and I’m a time freedom coach for online business moms. I help them scale their businesses so that they can make more money while also having more time with their families.  I want to talk to you about consistency and why it is so important to be consistent in all areas of your life, whether you’re talking about your kids, your business, cleaning your house, your blog, wherever it is, consistency is key. Now, I’m not perfect at this. I, too, have my weeks where I just cannot get on Instagram or I am inconsistent at responding to messages or my blog was a little bit late. I am getting better at that now that I’ve been doing the podcast. But we all have times when we struggle with consistency. We are busy moms. We run businesses. We have kids and kids activities. And sometimes it is really, really hard to maintain that consistency. But I have found during the times in my business when I have been lacking the consistency, I’m also lacking in engagement in my Facebook group on my Instagram. And then things start to feel a little bit messy in my business.


So creating that time management mindset involves the things I’ve talked about in this podcast and a whole other slew of other things that you can learn about in the Fulfilled Mama Facebook group or you can also reach out to me on my website. Also, if you are looking for someone to help, let’s set up a chat about what it would look like for us to work together. Not only do we create that mindset, but we also work on creating systems to make your whole life run smoother.



Here are some of the highlights: 

[01:17] So let’s talk first about our families and our kids. So when you look at your kids, creating a schedule with your kids is of utmost importance, especially if you work at home with them.

[02:21] That scheduling thing works in my business as well. When I used to let clients schedule at any time that I had available during the day, because I mean, we all do that right. We want to make ourselves available to the potential clients and to our current clients. We don’t want to tell them no.

[02:50] So we make ourselves available at times when it’s not super convenient. When I used to do that, my life was a mess because I would have client calls at 10:00 in the morning in the middle of trying to do school and that didn’t work.

[03:25] So again, consistency with the schedule is good for me, it’s good for my kids and it’s also good for my clients because they knew they know that I take client calls on Wednesday afternoons and they are able to schedule their call for every Wednesday afternoon because they’re able to be consistent as well.

[03:75] You can create the best system in the world. But if you’re not going to follow it and stay consistent with it, it’s not going to work. So I have a really good detailed system in order of things.

[04:25] I work my hardest to do a coaching call every Wednesday at noon. Now some weeks that doesn’t work. Last week I ended up having to be in the car with my kids, so I had to move it..

[05:29] So if you are planning on posting on social media once a day, stick to it.

[06:29] So create that plan. I encourage you to stick with that plan for a few weeks, even if it’s not working at first. Don’t give up on it right away because you never know what’s going to happen. If you follow through with that plan, everything is hard at first.

[07:32] It was actually easier having the meal plan than it was before I had the meal plan. I always knew what I was going to eat. I always had food ready and prepared. It was easy. So when you first create your plane, it can be hard.

[08:45] Consistency is key. The more consistent you are, the easier your life is gonna be. You’re gonna be able to get more done and less time and you’re going to get better results. So I hope this was helpful for you.

[08:55] We are going to be doing a challenge in February.


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