Episode 19 4 Steps to starting a Health and Fitness Program that will last


Welcome Mamas, I’m so glad to chat with you on this beautiful day. I know many of you have probably started this year with a great New Year’s resolution, but many of you might have stopped doing it already. So, today I want to help you get started again and make 2020 the year that you finally lose the weight, get healthy and have more energy.

My goal is to help moms make time for a lot of things in their lives whether it’s with their business or with their health and fitness. We all know being healthy is really important and it’s even more important for Moms. I wanted to share this episode with you about how you can create that health and fitness program for yourself without sacrificing more time with your family.

Super tips for starting a health and fitness routine:

  1. Start slowly – Starting slow is going to help you be successful and start with what feels best for you.
  2. Choose a good workout – Pick a workout length that is going to work right for you and that is going to be doable for you.
  3. Schedule the workout into your daily routine
  4. Try working out at home

Catch the highlights here:

  • [00:50] I started out my business 5 years ago in the health and fitness industry where I helped moms lose weight and what I found as I coach them was 99% of the moms when they first came to me and wanted to get started with a health and fitness program…
  • [02:06] Being healthy is really really important because we want to be there for our kids when we’re older….
  • [02:37] A lot of the moms I talked to think that in order to live that healthy lifestyle that it takes hours and hours each week that they just don’t have…
  • [09:31] A lot of those tips are focused on the workout because in my opinion that is the part where you need to start first, that is going to boost your metabolism…

I hope you mamas will find time to start a healthy routine so soon. If you want any tips or advice on home workouts, you can send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I can certainly chat about those things. I can let you know what workouts are working for me. You can also hop on over to the fulfilled mama Facebook group and share your valuable thoughts. I’m so excited to chat with you!



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