Episode 21 Start taking your Baby Steps today!

Hey everybody, this is Rachael here with episode 21 of The Fulfilled Mama podcast. If this is the 1st time that you have hopped on, I’m a mom of 6 and I’m a time freedom coach. I help moms create more time so they can scale their business without sacrificing time from their families. How cool would it be for you to make more money without spending more time? And so today, I’m super excited to share with you about Baby Steps. I just remember a movie in which the actor helps this really OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) individual try to manage his life by taking baby steps instead of trying to leap all the way in and that’s kind of what I want to talk to you about today.

Whether you have OCD or not this podcast will be very helpful. When I look at the really big goals and dreams, I start to feel panic because no way I can actually make that happen. So I started thinking about achieving my big goals and realized that secret which is gonna drive me to success. The way of accomplishing that huge scary goal is the exact same way that we tackle tiny small goals or dreams we have. We all have many things that we do in our business and one of the things that I need to do weekly is my podcast. Many times it seemed to be like an overwhelming job and I thought this is going to take so long and I don’t want to do it. So, what I started doing was taking the baby step and it made me feel really good. Instead of looking at all the stuff as a whole, take baby steps. In that way, you are definitely going to feel really good about each individual step and pretty soon you’re gonna have the whole task done.

Catch the highlights of this podcast here:

  • [00:58] if you’re creating a business and you just feel like everything is just too overwhelming everything is too big and you can’t figure out how to get there…
  • [01:25] I started realizing that the way of accomplishing that huge scary goal and dream is the exact same way that you tackle that tiny small goal or dream that you have.
  • [03:15] but I took that baby step and taking that baby step make me feel good. So how does this work with your business…
  • [06:01] instead of looking at all the stuff as a whole and I’ve got to do all this and I can’t get it all done in this is overwhelming, take baby steps..
  • [07:22] take baby steps, start small with what you have to do and pretty soon you’re going to have the whole thing tackled.
  • [08:12] I did a podcast interview yesterday and she said what’s your biggest secret and I said here it is…

I hope this episode was really helpful for all the mamas. Reach out to me on Instagram (@rachaelannjencks) or on Facebook and let me know what baby steps you are going to take this week towards your big scary goal. There is so much goodness that can be had with these baby steps and I’m pretty sure you’ll feel amazing when you do them. If this episode inspired you, hop over to iTunes and leave a review because that is going to help spread the word about this podcast.  Let every mom in the world be fulfilled!



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