Episode 22 Top 4 Reasons why we quit on our goals and dreams

Hello mamas, I’m super excited to share with you yet another episode of The Fulfilled Mama podcast. Here in South Dakota, we are finally starting to edge towards spring. The sun’s coming up earlier and sometime later the birds are starting to sing and it just makes me feel pretty amazing. Today, I’m gonna talk to you about the four reasons why we quit on our dreams and goals. We all might have started working on some of our ideas and dropped it off all of a sudden for some reason. Maybe we learned something along the way, but wouldn’t it be amazing to follow through with all those amazing big ideas that we have instead of just letting them fall on the wayside.

How can we keep ourselves from letting go of those fabulous ideas that we have? Here are the 4 reasons I came up with:

  1. No longer saw the value in what I was doing – Take a look at ideas and learn from them how you can continue to improve and increase the value.
  2. It was just too much work – Write down in your notebook why you thought it was too much work and figure out where you thought it was too much work.
  3. The fear of failure – Fear of failure isn’t going to help us move forward. You’ve gotta get back up and try again on what you can do differently next time and dive back in the pool and do it again.
  4. Boredom – You’ve got to find a way to spice it up and make it exciting again.

Catch the highlights of this podcast here:

  • [00:48] when we start and stop and start and stop and start and stop it as it really is a little bit of a time-waster because we might get started on an idea….
  • [02:21] I mentioned earlier just because they don’t turn into anything doesn’t make them a waste of time it doesn’t make it bad or wrong….
  • [04:54] what went through your head, what happened in your life, what went on in the business that helped you or loses sight of that value….
  • [07:44] Marie for Leo says everything is figured out a ball if you feel like something is too much work….
  • [12:11] here are the reasons again just to reiterate them for you all that I did to stop and start and stop and start and have still maybe quit on some things….

I’m sure you can come up with many more reasons than what I shared with you here today. Let’s carry on this conversation in our Fulfilled Mama Facebook group and let me know some of the reasons why you have stopped and started in the past or if you’re not sure why to hop on to one of the free coaching calls that we do on Wednesdays at noon Central Time every single week and let’s chat about it and let me help you no longer be a quitter. You can also leave a review for the podcast in the iTunes and that would be awesome because I want to spread the word of this podcast and we can help more moms feel fulfilled. Have a great rest of your day.



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