Episode 23 How To Avoid Being A Control Freak!

Hey Mamas, this is Rachael with another episode of The Fulfilled Mama Podcast. I’m a Mom of 6 and a time freedom coach. I help moms scale their business without sacrificing time with their families. Today I’m gonna chat with you on a topic that is so close to my heart and it is about letting go of the need to control everything. I call my-selves a control freak coz I like having things the way I like them. I know it’s hard for many of us to let go of some areas of our lives that maybe somebody else could do better or that just need to be done by someone else.

Over time, I realized that the desire to control is really unwanted. We all come across many incidents in our daily lives where we can literally let go of control over unwanted things.  It can free up our time, our energy and I’m pretty sure it will work out for the best. Think about the areas of your business or your daily activities where you feel the need to control.

Are you a control freak? Here are the few steps to overcome:

  1. Make a list of things in your life or business that you don’t need to be doing.
  2. Give the above-noted things to someone else to do
  3. Evaluate
  4. Patch yourself on the back of letting go

Catch the highlights of this podcast here:

  • [00:42] Most of us find that when we start our businesses it takes more than we have…
  • [01:24] It’s hard for me to let go of some areas of my life that maybe somebody else could do better or that I don’t have time for…
  • [04:10] Think about areas of your business, think about those areas that you feel the need to control and where maybe letting up the control might free up some of your time…
  • [06:24] The first step in letting go of control is looking for those things in your business or in your life that you don’t need to be doing that somebody else could do it…
  • [09:46] I can tell you from experience of a total control freak I call myself a recovering control freak it’s hard at 1st and it’s difficult…

I know it’s hard and difficult at first, but the outcome you get afterward is so amazing and it feels so wonderful. I’d love for you to come to our fulfilled mama Facebook group and share how you let go of control and what thing did you let go of. Let us know how it works for you. You are going to see how it frees up your time, scales your business and fulfills your life.



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