Episode 24 How To Let Go Of Perfectionism!

Hello Mamas and welcome to The Fulfilled Mama podcast. I got done with last week’s episode ‘Letting go of control’ and towards the end of the episode, I found words coming out of my mouth that next week we’re going to talk about perfection. So, this is a totally unscripted episode about perfection, letting go of it and why you need to let go of it. I’m a Perfectionist and it has been something that I work on daily to get rid of in my life. Perfection drains your time, wastes your energy and it takes away the fulfillment of life.

Many of us moms see letting go of perfection as letting go of doing things the right way. We get really afraid and fear starts to take over that we are going to fail if we don’t do everything in our business to perfection. The fact is that things are never perfect and if we wait for the perfect time to do something, we may never do it. Letting of perfection is the idea that you start somewhere. If you wait for things to be perfect before you can be happy, you will drive yourself crazy. You’ll always be in this stage of it’s not perfect and you’ll never truly feel happy, so you’ve got to go through life being happy with things being less than perfect.

Stop being ‘Polly Perfect’. Being Polly Perfect is not fun and you’ll never get to be Polly Perfect. You will never feel the joy and excitement of doing something because you love doing it. You will waste your time, and energy trying to make it perfect. Being perfect is a little bit boring and the fact is that nobody is perfect.

Catch the highlights of this podcast here:

  • [00:29] we’re going to talk about perfection and here I am totally unscripted going to talk about perfection and letting go of it and why you need to let go of it…
  • [02:52] When you have that perfect mentality, we all want to strive there we all think that’s where we need to be…
  • [04:52] I’m not saying that you shouldn’t strive for perfection in your life and business but what I’m saying is that you should throw it out there…
  • [07:44] Take a look at all the things that you are trying to do and look at areas where you can let go of perfection.
  • [09:34] Being excited about the ways that you can do better is a lot more fun than waiting until you do it perfectly.

I love to hear about your struggle with perfection and how you’ve overcome your perfection or what you are going to let go of when it comes to perfection. Head over to the fulfilled mama Facebook group where we carry on the conversation. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did share it with your friends and give me a review on the iTunes so that more moms can hear the message, more moms can hear how important is to let go of perfection and they can learn how to create more time with their families.

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