Episode 3 Eliminating Time Sucks

3 Steps to Identifying and Eliminating Time Sucks – Podcast Show Notes

Time-strapped, mom? You’re not alone. For this week’s podcast episode I’m gonna share with you the three steps for identifying and eliminating time sucks so that you can be more productive and have less stress. We’ll see how this is going to work out for you.

If you are a Mom who always says, “Oh my gosh, I don’t have time to think, how do I have time for this…then this episode is JUST FOR YOU!!  It includes the best ways to help you identify those time sucks and to get rid of them.

Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Do a 3 full days’ time audit
  2. Spend 30 minutes and look for patterns, time wasted, and things that you are doing that could be eliminated or grouped together.
  3. Get out a pen and cross out any extra stuff that you do not want to have in your schedule anymore.

Here’s where you’ll find some of the highlights: 

  • [01:31] But the thing is, is taking the time to do this is going to serve you in the future. Think of all the things that you do in your life that when you just take the time to do it right, it saves you time.
  • [01:49] so your first step is going to be for three days. I want you to do a time inventory and what that means is you are going to go through your whole day for three full days and you are going to write down everything you do.
  • [03:42] Step number two is I want you to set aside about a half an hour. Again, I know it’s taking some of the time out of your day that you don’t think you’d have time for, but setting aside this time is going to be really, really important. And I want you to take that audit that you made and I want you to get a really good look at it.
  • [05:24] And then let’s move on to step three and step three is I want you to eliminate, I want you to get a pen, a pencil, a marker, whatever it is, and I want you to X out those extra things that you do not want to have in your schedule anymore.
  • [07:58] that’s what I do with my clients when I do one on one coaching with them is we figure out how to create holes in your schedule so that you have time to work out.

I hope you enjoyed the week with me.

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