Episode 8 Ask For Help


Welcome to Episode 8 of the Fulfilled Mama Podcast.


I’m so excited to talk to you Mamas about asking for help. Everybody needs help in some way or the other. Nobody is doing everything by themselves and if they’re telling you that they can do it by themselves, they’re totally lying to you.  I want to share with you some thoughts and ideas on how you can get help that you need and how you can feel really good about it. Because, from my life experience I enjoy life a lot more after getting help with my business, my home and my kids. I want to share with you the tools that help me to have this fun and happier life.

The primary thing you should do is start asking for help to ask your loved ones. It can be your husband, kids or mother. What I learned along the way was it felt really good to know that things could be handled by somebody else and they could be done just as well.


Another struggle for me was getting help with my business. So I hired my Virtual Assistant and I was so excited to take some things off my plate that I really didn’t enjoy doing in my business.


I also encourage my clients to get help with coaching. Getting a coach, asking them for help, can help you move your business along much faster than if you continue to try to figure the things out on your own.


I hope after listening to this podcast you will see how amazing it is perhaps for asking help and that if you ask the right people, you can truly free your brain, your emotions, all that stuff. Stop stressing yourself out doing all the things in your business, in your house, maybe even things with your kids.



Here’s where you’ll find some of the highlights: 

  • [01:51] since I started getting help with my business and with my home and with my kids; I enjoy life a lot more.
  • [05:14] it felt really good to know that these things could be handled by somebody else I could give them to somebody else and they could be done and the thing is they were done just as well.
  • [10:52] your empowering them to take care of themselves eliminating more of the things that you need to take care of but also teaching them to grow up to be really really responsible adults.
  • [13:11] just because you have the same problem with somebody else doesn’t mean that the solution is the same.
  • [13:58] all of those things that we think we can do by ourselves because we’re women because that’s what society tell us in a make us feel bad because we don’t do it by ourselves we don’t need to do them.

I hope you mamas enjoyed this episode with me. Let us help other women to learn the things that they need to be a fulfilled mom and to have that work life balance at their craving.

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