Episode 9 Gratitude


Welcome to Episode 9 of the Fulfilled Mama Podcast.


We are at the beginning of December and I’m super excited to invite you mamas to yet another beautiful episode of The Fulfilled Mama Podcast. In this episode, I’m gonna talk to you about something important for this time of year – Gratitude. Usually, some days we’ll get too busy with kids or our business or cleaning the house, etc. and we often forget to be grateful for all the wonderful things we had. I know it can be hard for us to be grateful when everything around us is crashing down. That is why I want you to think about gratitude as a daily practice.

Gratitude is about being grateful for anything and everything, the little things, the big things, the not so obvious things and the really obvious things. Everybody has something to be grateful for no matter what your situation is, no matter what’s going on in your life, there is something to be grateful for. Here is the two best ways to think about gratitude as a daily practice:

  1. Before going to bed, write down all the things you are grateful for every single day in the same notebook with date.
  2. After waking up, think about all things you’re grateful for.

During the days when you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, burnout and when nothing goes right, you can look at the amazing things in your life. A lot of us moms deal with a lot of overwhelm, anxiety and stress and the best way to deal with is to be grateful for the wonderful things. Creating a gratitude practice for yourself and writing those down in a notebook can eventually help you to get through the tough times. Looking back at the list and see what kind of things that you’ve been grateful for because it’s going to help you feel even more grateful.




Here’s where you’ll find some of the highlights: 

  • [01:30] Gratitude is about being grateful for anything and everything the little things the big things the not so obvious things and the really obvious things.
  • [02:33] I invite you to think about those things all the time so that you can always go back to them so that it becomes a habit it becomes part of your daily practice.
  • [04:23] make that list do it every single night keep it the same notebook and then in the morning the 2nd practice they do when I wake up is the 1st thing I do is I think about what I’m grateful for.
  • [06:20] it’s all about being grateful because that helps you through the overwhelm and the anxiety and the times when things just don’t go right


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