How to Prevent Little Things in Your Business From Turning into Nightmares!

The little things can’t have that much of an impact on my business? Right?


In fact, it’s this common misconception that leaves so many business owners scrambling to clean up messes that could have been avoided in the first place. While putting off answering emails or other little business things might not seem like they can actually have an impact, it’s time to realize that they can.

It’s time to open our eyes to all the time wasted, stress-induced, and excess money spent on cleaning up messes that could have been avoided. Sound like something you want to tackle? 

Let’s do it together!

If you haven’t jumped on live with me before, I’m Rachael. I’m a mom to six and I help moms create time and financial freedom so that they can grow their business. 

Today, I want to talk about time spent cleaning up messes that came out of small things spiraling into big things. When you’re a mom trying to grow your business, every bit of time you can save matters. When we take small tasks (like emails, payroll, hiring a team member, etc.) and don’t do them right away, we end up with a bit of a messy situation that requires more of our time.

I want to talk through two examples with you so you can put yourself in the shoes of these common business owner problems. Then, I want to share the three “rules” you can implement to prevent these spirals from happening!

Example One: Hiring on a team member. Specifically, hiring on a VA (Virtual Assistant). 

I’ve got clients that are talking about hiring a VA because they need the help. They can’t do it all on their own. But it takes time to hire somebody, right?

You need to put the job posting out, interview people, and then get them started. A lot of the time we think, “This is just too hard. It’s easier for me to just keep on doing it myself.” But here’s the thing…can you afford to do it all yourself? If you’ve ever found yourself somewhere completely overwhelmed, you might be realizing that you could have avoided this stress by taking the first step in making a decision to hire a VA in the first place. 

Getting somebody hired right when you need them, or maybe even before you need them, is a really good idea so that you can keep your business structure moving and not get stuck.

Example Two: The endless email inbox.

This is a super common situation where a small thing (not answering emails right away) can snowball into a huge mess. You might even find yourself with thousands of emails and a whole lot of frustration and panic! 

To avoid this snowball effect, my advice to you is that when those emails come in every day, deal with them right then and there. Don’t put them into a folder to deal with later. Don’t just let them sit there. Deal with them right away. Delete the ones that you don’t need to do anything with. Filter incoming emails in so that they go into a different folder or to the archives. Just get rid of them so they’re not staring you in the face every time you open up your email inbox! 

If you open up an email and it just requires a quick response, do the response now. Otherwise, it’s going to take you more time later to reopen the email, reread it, and make the response. Save yourself the future worry and just handle it right then and there. Because, next thing you know, you’re a week behind on emails and losing potential clients!


Now, let’s talk about the steps to take to prevent little things from turning into big things.

Step One: Start with the Thoughts.

I’ll never get tired of saying this. Our thoughts really do dictate so much. From our actions to our results, our thoughts are either helping or harming our productivity. If you tell yourself that your email inbox is scary or that you can’t deal with it, you’re not going to do it. Instead, decide that your email inbox is an amazing place that you find potential customers. Look at tasks you don’t want to do differently. 

Look at paying taxes as meaning that you’re making money and that you’ve got employees. Look at hiring a VA as an exciting thing to do because now you’re creating a business that you need help handling. Changing your thoughts is going to help immensely when it comes to dealing with little things before they can turn into huge monsters. 

Step Two: Skip Procrastination. 

Procrastination hurts us. Procrastination is what makes us wait on doing things and what causes them to turn into big things. Skip it altogether to avoid these messes you don’t want created in the first place!

Step Three: Just Do It! 

I’m a firm believer in the choice of just doing something. If you do things now, you’ll actually save yourself time in the long run. Take answering an email for example. If you answer it now, it might take 15 minutes. If you read it now, then re-read it again in two days, then again before you respond, you’ve now spent double the amount of time on it. 

If email is an issue for you, don’t open the emails until you’re going to have 10-15 minutes to deal with those types of things. Because that’s going to make a huge difference in your productivity and how you feel. 


The Bottom Line

If there’s stuff that you dread doing, causes you stress, or that’s just too big to handle, you’re not going to do it. You’ll find yourself stressed out all the time, letting it turn into big issues, and you’re going to end up hating your business. Change your thoughts, love your business, love the things you’re doing, and don’t turn them into big ordeals and big fiascos. You will be so, so much happier, I promise. 

Prevent those little, minuscule things from turning into your nightmares. 

You’ll be so glad you did.

I really, really encourage you to go through that email inbox, deal with the VA issue, or send that email that you’ve been meaning to send for weeks. Why? Because you’re going to feel amazing when you get it done and it doesn’t turn into something that’s going to haunt you forever. 

Avoid that time waster and get your stress under control by tackling it NOW!

If you have things in your business and you’re not sure how you can get them handled quickly, or you’re just struggling with the steps that you need to take in order to make yourself more productive and create time for yourself, let’s talk about what it might look like to work together. 

I can’t wait to help you save your time and sanity. You got this, mama.


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