Are you confused about whether someone is an independent contractor or an employee?

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This cheat sheet will help you:

  • Learn about the factors that make someone an Independent Contractor.  
  • Discover what characteristics make someone an employee.  
  • Get the details on what can happen if you make the wrong classification.  
  • Learn where you can go for help to find out if you are classifying the people in your biz the RIGHT way! 

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I am a mom of 6 who went to school for a LONG TIME just to realize that I did not want to work at a desk or in the courtroom. 

I LOVED talking about accounting, taxes, and the law as it relates to business but I did not want to be stuck in the corporate world. 

I set out to share my knowledge with moms so that I can take the scary out of building their biz. 

Moms on the Rise was born and now I help moms with their business strategy, accounting, legal, and mindset needs from wherever my kiddos take me.

Rachael Lenzmeier Jencks