Let Go of Perfection

Hey, mama!

Have you ever gotten sucked into the perfection hole?

What I mean by perfection hole is that maybe you don’t launch a course, you don’t post that post, or maybe you don’t get that freebie going. It could even mean that you don’t start your business altogether…because it’s not yet perfect. Has this ever happened to you?

It’s happened to me…probably more times than I’d like to admit!

Many times I end up missing out on an opportunity because I waited too long for things to be perfect. And here’s a newsflash for you: it’s never going to be perfect!

Today, I want to talk about letting go of perfection. I’ll give you some reasons to get out of that paralysis and move on!

The number one reason to get out of perfection mode is that you’re missing out on opportunities.

Get that website out there, get that post out there, throw that package out there. Even if you’re not 100% sure if it’s perfect, get it out there because you are going to start generating, through that traffic, that know, like, and trust factor with your followers. (Side note: if you don’t know what that means, get in touch!! This is key to your business and I’d love to walk you through it).

If you’re not putting that stuff out there, they don’t really have anything to connect with you on. They don’t have anything to try to create that relationship with you. So they are not going to get to know you and watch you evolve. And that evolution is SO important when it comes to your business. You’re missing opportunities!

Reason number two why you need to let go of this perfection thing is because it will keep you caught in a decision paralysis.

Maybe you can relate to this, but I find myself in internal arguments so often when I have to make a decision.

I’ve got two modes, I don’t have anything in between. I’ve got either the, “Oh my gosh, it’s a great idea. I’m doing it!” Or I have the, “Well that’s a good idea…but should I do it? I don’t know.” And then I have this internal argument in my head all the time for days on end.

This happens in many things in my life, whether it’s personal or business. What happens when we let this paralysis happen is that it takes up a lot of our mental energy and takes away from creativity, time for your business, and more.

Say goodbye to “sleeping on a decision.” All that brings about is a loss of sleep because you’ve spent too long tossing and turning only to wake up and change things before you launch because “it has to be perfect.”

You’ll spend a bunch of time continuing to change the things that aren’t perfect, when had you just thrown it out there on that first day when it was done, you may have attracted that first customer!

This decision paralysis can especially come into play when you’re building your business. You have to just DO IT! Put those first messages out there. Get that start. Think about what offer you’re bringing to the table.

And that’s a lot more than just thinking, “Well, I’m going to sell a coaching package that’s 12 weeks.” What’s your offer? What are you really selling to these women or these men if you sell them? Are you giving them confidence or courage or are you giving them the ability to make more money? Are you helping them lose weight so they can pick any clothes in their closet? What are you offering?

The third reason is that you need to just get it out there!

Mama…let go of perfection and put the offer out there. It’s not going to be perfect the first time! Honestly, you can tweak it and fix it all you want, but it’s never going to be perfect.

Let go of that whole perfectionist thing and get yourself out there. Maybe you thought about going to a networking event in person with real people, but you’re looking for the perfect networking event. Well, maybe that’s not really your people. But what if it is? Just go. Quit thinking over what potential social media posts you’ll make and just post it.

Let go of that decision paralysis. Do the things and get the information out there.

I give you the encouragement and the permission to.

Quit wasting your mental energy. You’re wasting time that you could be building relationships with your clients and you’re wasting your ability to get out there and reach people. Put out that imperfect work, the imperfect coaching package, the imperfect sales page, landing page, website, post, whatever it is.

I want you to put out something that’s totally imperfect today because, let me tell you, people identify better with imperfect people. People want to work with somebody that they can resonate with that feels like them, and that is going to be the imperfect you.

You have my permission today to throw something out there on the interwebs that’s completely imperfect and embrace it and love it and cross it off your list. In the words of Marie Forleo, “done is better than perfect”.

If you want to hear more about starting your online biz and how you can do it in THREE easy steps, check out this FREE resource: https://rachaeljencks.lpages.co/startyouronlinebiz/. I’ve been there. I’ve learned the hard way. I’m here for YOU!

What’s holding you back? How can you get more out into the world if you let go of that perfection!? I can’t wait to see you RISE!

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