Want to learn how to use Facebook LIVE to sell your product or service?

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During this training ou will learn:

  • Why Facebook Live is the BEST method of using Social Media to make money.
  • How to get people to attend your Facebook Lives.
  • The #1 thing that you must do to get your audience excited and stick around until the end.
  • What kind of content attracts and how to structure it so people will find it valuable.
  • The trick to finishing the Facebook Live to attract sales so that you do not need to chase people. 
  • BONUS: My Pre-Live ritual that gets me in alignment so that the performance anxiety disappears!

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My first Facebook Live was awful. I cannot prove it to you because I deleted it as soon as it was done. The picture was sideways, my voice was shaky, and I stumbled on my words.  

I wanted to throw up. 

I hoped no one would show up (of course no one did).  

According to those that are in the know, Facebook Live was the way to build a business so I wanted to try it. I had to try it.  

A couple of years have passed since that the nightmare and I have learned a ton about how to sell on Facebook Live. I want to share ALL of that with you so that you can save yourself from the anxiety, unnecessary work, and can make money from the start.

My results have been amazing and they will be for you too!

What will you get?

  • Facebook Training Video
  • PDF with the step by step of how to Sell with Facebook Live
  • The knowledge to go LIVE anywhere, anytime with confidence and ease!

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