Step Three In Starting Your Online Business

Who is ready for the final step in starting your online biz!?

If this is your first time on the blog – WELCOME! I’m Rachael – a mom of six who helps other business building moms to develop kickass strategies, systems, and ways to maximize your profit so that you can grow a business that you’re proud of. 

If you’ve been following along, you may have seen the last two posts where I shared step ONE and step TWO. Today, I’m finishing off this series so that you can hit the ground running and propel your biz to new heights. 

After all, this is moms on the RISE

First let’s recap the last two steps:

Step One: Figure out who your ideal client is. Like I always say, if you’re talking to everybody, you’re really talking to nobody. Cast a net small enough to catch those ideal clients, not to attract EVERY fish in the sea.

Step Two: Determine what you’re offering. This is more than just the actual services. It’s about the benefits and the feelings that you’re giving the people that you want to work with. What exactly is it that you are going to be helping them with and how are they going to feel? 

It’s time for Step Three! Drum roll please….

Step Three is to SHARE.

Yup, that’s it. Short and sweet. 

You see, one huge mistake biz owners and biz builders make is skipping out on SHARING what they’re doing. Sharing that offer that we came up with in step two is so important when it comes to expanding your audience and getting those clients in the door.

We can often get worried that we’re bombarding people with it or that we’re emailing too much or posting too often. And the thing is, we can really never share too much. If you’re sharing it with a particular person too much, it’s because they’re not your ideal client and they don’t want what you have to offer.

One mistake I made when I first started as a beachbody coach was that I bombarded people with spammy, salesy posts all over my business page. With that kind of sharing, you can do way too much of it.You don’t want to be just spamming people with a bunch of stuff, because that is going to be oversharing.

What Should you Share?

Share your story. Share the benefits and the feelings that you’re going to give these people who work with you. Share your offer and/or a call to action at the end of each one of those shares, too. 

One thing to remember when it comes to sharing your posts is that not everyone is going to see all of your posts. Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or sending emails, some posts might fall through the cracks. Some emails might get deleted. Don’t assume that every follower sees every post!

The people who do see every post are the ones who want to. They’re the ones that seek them out, engage with them, and always open that email. These are your ideal clients! 

Using a Call to Action

Like I started to share above, you should always give a call to action when sharing about your biz and offerings. Whether it’s telling them to sign up for your Freebie or hit reply and tell you what they think, get them involved.

Ask them things like, “What are you struggling with today?” Or end your call to action with an offer to join your coaching. What I like to do in my emails is at the very end, I always do a little P.S. Something like, “Hey, if you want more information about this, hit the link below and sign up for a consult!” 

Consistency is Key

If you post once a week, you’re not going to create a connection. Don’t say you’re going to blog every week and only blog once a month. Don’t post five days in a row and then take off for two weeks. The sweet spot for me is one social media post a day and one blog post a week.

People need to see your stuff many, many times to connect with you. They need to form that connection and want to work with you or reach out to learn more. You need to mix things up, too! If you’re posting the same content, just re-written, every single day, people are going to get bored! 

It’s gotta be a little bit different every day because it’s gotta catch them in a different way and mood. Maybe you say something about being able to stay at home with your kids in one particular email and it hit somebody in the heartstrings that didn’t catch it the day before when you shared about your college journey or whatever it was. 

Vary a little bit, but share often!

Please let me know if there are any questions that you have about this three step process! Let me know what you’re struggling with or what the hardest part for you is. Because this can be tricky to figure out that “fine line!”

There’s no *perfect* way to start an online biz, but following these steps gives you those basics on what you need to do so you’re ready to RISE! 

You don’t really need to have a bunch of fancy webinars and landing pages and all these email lists. When you’re just starting out, you need to simply decide who you’re talking to, figure out how you can help them, and share it. It’s that simple. 

If you want to connect about this or any other topics relating to your biz, shoot me a message today. I strive to meet you exactly where you are as you build your online biz to be the best it can be.

You’ve got this!

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