Step Two In Starting Your Online Business

Hi, Biz building mamas! 

How are you doing today!? 

If you read the blog last week (don’t worry, it’s not too late – catch up HERE:, I kicked off this series on the three things you need to do when starting your online biz. Last week, I tackled number one. Today, you guessed it, we’re talking about step two! 

If we haven’t virtually “met” before, my name is Rachael and I am the founder of Moms on The Rise. I’m a mom to six and I am on the rise with my business. My goal is to help you do the same! I spent years doing all the wrong things in my business and I have learned from those. I want to help you with those now so that you can be more productive and you can create money in your business and have a kick ass strategy that is going to make you more money. It’s also going to give you more time with your families, which is why we’re all doing this in the first place, right!?

Last week, I talked about knowing WHO it is you’re speaking to. That’s step one. 

Today, we are going to talk about step two, which is…drum roll please…Figuring out what you are offering! 

I’m not talking about what you’re offering literally speaking. I’m not asking you if you offer coaching services, a product, or a creative offering.

That tells me nothing!

 When I want to know what the clients I work with are offering as they build their online biz, I want to know what the people they’re working with are actually going to get? What is the benefit going to be? What are you going to do and how are you going to make them feel? What beliefs are you going to change? What are you really, really going to do for them? 

Let’s use my other business as a health and fitness coach for example. When I talk with my clients about my products, since I’m a Beachbody coach, I talk to them about what their goals are. While they might say their goal is to lose weight, I want to dig deeper.

I want to know things like how they feel when they try on clothes, when they’re at the beach with their kids in the summer, and how they feel physically. Because I don’t just want to help them lose weight. I want to help them FEEL some way and solve the problem that they have. 

I want to dig deep!

So, how do you even start to do this?

Market research. Ask! Get out there and talk to people. There are so many Facebook groups for every single niche out there. Get on there and ask questions. For me, I might go into a group of moms and say, “Hey moms, what is your biggest struggle with losing weight?” With their answers, I’m going to be able to take those words, that exact language that they gave me, and turn that into an irresistible offer. 

The Irresistible Offer

I’ve created a FREE resource with you to create an irresistible offer potential clients can’t refuse. This cheat sheet will help you hone in on exactly what you’re offering and how it can benefit those ideal clients of yours. This way, you can build an online business that SERVES others and attracts them to what you offer. Because once you’ve identified that, you can start creating those marketing materials you need every time you begin offering a new product or service.

Knowing Your Audience

When it comes to getting people interested, like I said above, get to know your audience. Take time to dig deep because what you’re offering them is about so much more than your product or your service. It’s about how you’re going to help that client feel and how they’re going to benefit from what it is that you’re offering. 

If you’re a health coach, it’s about helping them feel confident this summer. It’s about helping them get the energy they crave to play with their kids at the pool.

If you’re a skincare rep, it’s about getting them to the point where they don’t feel like they need makeup. It’s about saving them time, energy, and money by getting a system that works for their skin troubles.

If you’re a VA, it’s about more than just taking things off their plate. It’s about giving them the freedom to do the things in their business that they enjoy. It’s about giving those moms who feel like they have no time a piece of their life back. 

What does this look like for YOU!?

Once you know your audience, my irresistible offer cheat sheet comes in so handy. It’s what helps you craft those posts that are going to make them stop in their tracks and send you a message right away. It’s what will take your online biz to the next level!

It’s what’s going to keep them from scrolling past your posts and actually get them to take action. You’ll be able to hit the heart of their pain points. Because when you’re really able to get deep into their feelings, and if you can touch on the feelings and the pain points of the people that you are talking to, you are going to grab them by the heartstrings and they’re going to want to work with you over anybody else when it comes time for them to get a VA, health and wellness coach, skincare representative, or whatever it might be. Because you understand them and you’ve created an offer that will benefit them beyond what they thought possible.

 There you have it – step two in the three-step process of starting your online biz!

 Last week, I wanted you to figure out who exactly it is that you’re going to serve and who you want to work with. This week, I want you to take that information and also think about how those people feel. 

I hope this was helpful for you! If you have a business type that I didn’t talk about in this post and you want to talk about some pain points or some ideas, shoot me a private message. We can chat about it a little bit and see where you are and how we can get you to exactly where you want to be!

Don’t forget to sign up for that irresistible offer cheat sheet, because that is going to give you a lot of the questions that you need to get started on getting those clients and making that money! 

Stay tuned for next week where I’ll be sharing the final step in starting your online biz! I can’t wait!


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